Marky B

Joined Country 94: Feb 2002
Hobbies and Stuff: Puttering around my yard, collecting automobile magazines, really, enjoy walking, cooking(or at least trying to), burning things on the BBQ, gardening (Helen is showing me how to plant flowers) and playing with my toys (just got a new weed-whacker!)
Pet Peeve: Speeding drivers who are always in a big hurry to get nowhere! (Hey, I'll race ya to the stoplight! etc., etc..)
Favorite Food: Anything Italian, maybe a meat pie or three, even throw in a couple of burgers and I'm happy---and yes I eat ALL my vegetables!
Favorite Music: Lots. A real Motown maniac, but I always liked George Strait and Gary Allan.
Why I got into radio: It's by far the coolest job in the world!