On Air

Marky B

Joined Country 94: Feb 2002
Hobbies and Stuff: Puttering around my yard, collecting automobile magazines, really, enjoy walking, cooking(or at least trying to), burning things on the BBQ, gardening (Helen is showing me how to plant flowers) and playing with my toys (just got a new weed-whacker!)
Pet Peeve: Speeding drivers who are always in a big hurry to get nowhere! (Hey, I'll race ya to the stoplight! etc., etc..)
Favorite Food: Anything Italian, maybe a meat pie or three, even throw in a couple of burgers and I'm happy---and yes I eat ALL my vegetables!
Favorite Music: Lots. A real Motown maniac, but I always liked George Strait and Gary Allan.
Why I got into radio: It's by far the coolest job in the world!

Trish Hamilton

Little known Trish Trivia:

  • I enjoy being a “West Sider”, but I will always love where I grew up, Westfield.
  • I can bait my own hook.
  • My favourite Christmas CD is “Happy Holidays Barney”. I even made a spare copy for the car.
  • I was a baton twirler as a child and was crowned “Little Miss Tiny Tot New Brunswick” when I was 4.
  • I have had kids in each of the last three decades, 1996, 2003 and 2013. (Thanks to my co-workers for pointing that one out.)
  • I have never been able to decide: Dogs or Cats.
  • I took pictures from the observation deck of the Twin Towers in Grade 11.
  • I have never sung karaoke in public.
  • My favourite thing to do is eat in a restaurant. I love the ambience.
  • I really, REALLY dislike jelly beans. Texture alert! Except the black ones. I’ll eat those for some reason. Taste overrides texture.
  • I have been in radio since I was 18 years old. (The year is not important!)

Not so secret fact…I love being a part of the Country 94 family! 

Jim & Bobbi

Name - Jim Lavigne Born - May 3rd, 1956 at Saint John General Hospital Status - Married ( A fisherman's Daughter, the beautiful Gayle Johnson on July 28, 1979) Two sons, Jared and Nicholas Favorite Summer Pastime - Sitting on my deck and watching the world go by - favorite winter pastime - sitting in my rec room, waiting for warm weather, so I can sit on my deck and watch the world go by. Pet Peeve - People who go to grocery store express lines with more items than are posted! Favorite Dish - Gayle... or anything with chicken. Favorite Quote - " We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart!"

Bobbi Plucked from the wilds of the Miramichi, Bobbi has been talking with radio audiences all over the province for the last 14 yrs but is very pleased to have settled in Saint John for the last 6 . Bobbi loves playing tourist in Southern NB ... weekends always include road trips to Kingston, St.Andrews, or St. Martins ... She thinks New Brunswick's best kept secret is Grand Manan ... which is also her favorite spot to camp in the summer! The biggest country star that Bobbi has met would be Martina McBride when she was in town in 2010, but her favorite will always be Johnny Reid ... If she could take any vacation in the world, you'd find Bobbi in BC kayaking with Killer Whales ... It's on her Bucket List for sure! Bobbi is loving being part of the Country 94 Breakfast Club and looks forward to meeting all the great listeners in radio-land!

Mark Downey

Join Mark Downey Sunday evenings from 6 PM - 9 PM for the Weekend Jamboree.The Jamoree now has a toll free number 1-866-466-9850.. A look back at some old country favorites and new stuff as well, from local talent! You can e-mail Mark at jamboree@radioabl.ca