Free Program In Saint John Offers Women Entrepreneurial Training

Posted on Sunday, August 13, 2017 12:03 PM

There is a free program in Saint John available to women where it helps if you don't have a job.

Enterprising Women is a free entrepreneurial training program offered through the Saint John Community Loan Fund.

Economic Development Officer Christina Allain tells us interested women have until September 3rd to apply and there is an applicaticaton process and an interview.

She says the program can be quite competitive because it's a free program.   Allain says they chose the well thought out business ideas from the entrepreneurs that are more serious about it.

For the women who are accepted into the program, it runs from September to December and the participants meet twice a week for three-hour classes learning how to create a business plan, do market research and more.

For more information, call Christina Allain at (506) 652-5601.