New N.B. Museum To Be Built On Former Coast Guard Property

Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2018 12:52 PM

Premier Brian Gallant stood under the skeleton of a Right Whale in the Hall of Great Whales at the New Brunswick Museum in Market Square on Thursday to announce it will soon have a new home.

The government has already announced $50 million towards the project and Gallant told the crowd where it would be located.

Museum Board Chair Shannon Merrifield was ecstatic to learn that both the Market Square and Douglas Avenue archives will be under just one roof, but she is looking for others to help out.

Saint John Mayor Don Darling told the crowd he knows some out there will think this project is taking too long, but he had an answer for them.

The province is negotiating with the City of Saint John for the property and design work will be coordinated between the two parties.