Moncton Boy Gets Kidney Donation

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 14:18 PM

The wait is over for a New Brunswick woman, who has been hoping for over two years for a kidney transplant for her son.

Little Zaccari has spent most of his childhood at IWK Hospital.  He has been on the list, waiting for a kidney donation since October 2015.

Ashley Barnaby says a life changing call came last week, "We received a call Tuesday evening that a kidney had been found for him.  It wasn't a perfect match but it was a good enough match that we could go ahead with it.  Friday afternoon, he went into a four hour surgery, and then I got the call that I could go and see him."

Ashley says her 3 year old son is doing great, and he is right back to his old self.

"I am beyond thankful for the individual who donated his kidney.  I understand that for this to happen, some family had to have a great loss. I send out my deepest condolences.  My son is healthy now because of their donation." Ashley says

He'll be at the IWK for another 4 to 6 weeks, and then he'll be going home . Ashley says he'll still be monitored by doctors, but otherwise says he'll be a normal kid.

(photos submitted by Ashley Barnaby)