A Grateful Island Sends Uber Rob Off In Style

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018 15:24 PM

The people in Darling's Island are forever grateful for the many trips made by Uber Rob during the annual flooding that always leaves residents cut off.

Rob Dekany used his own boat and would not accept any money for the approximately 845 trips he made back and forth to the island.

The very grateful islanders held a Bon Voyage ceremony for him by the covered bridge where he was presented with a shirt that says 'Honorary Islander' on the front and 'Uber Rob' on the back.

In 13 days, it's estimated that Uber Rob transported more than 4200 people more than 1000 kilometers.

A Rothesay hair salon has offered him free haircuts for a year and during the flooding, there were lots of treats including cookies and cake.