Saint Andrews To Build Lobster Trap Tree For Christmas Fundraiser

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 10:41 AM

A couple friends in Saint Andrews are getting crafty, creative, and culturally appropriate with a new fundraiser.

Organizer Allison Spear tells us she and friend Kevin Simmons wanted to raise money for the local food bank, so after getting permission and involvement from Town Council, they are planning on building a lobster trap tree in Market Square.

She says people can purchase buoys, decorate them at home, and bring them back to hang on the lobster trap tree.

"So far I think our number is fifty-five buoys [sold], that's why we've kind of opened it up to the public and residents, because it is something that you can get together with a friend or someone in the family or your kids, and have a craft night. Decorate it and help raise money so that we can feed some families over the holidays."

Spear says its all a fundraiser for the Saint Andrews Food Bank, and there are endless ways to decorate your buoy. "I'm actually pretty excited to see them, a lot of people have been asking. It can be three-dimensional, you can glue stuff to it, you can make it Christmas-y with holly and garland. You can actually decoupage wrapping paper on it or paint on it. You can put it in memory of someone in your family or friends, or put your business name on it."

The buoys can be purchased at the Red Herring Pub for $30, and they need to be brought back by November 21st, with the lobster trap tree lighting on the 24th.

If you would like to purchase a buoy, please call 506-529-8455.