New Political Party KISS NB Fielding Candidates In This Election

Posted on Friday, August 31, 2018 05:35 AM

There is a brand new party running in the NB election. It's called the KISS NB or Keep It Simple Solutions Party.

It all began when a one-time Liberal supporter Gerald Bourque of Woodlands, had a meeting with Finance Minister Cathy Rogers about the spiralling debt.

Bourque tells us he decided then that the province is headed to bankruptcy and after meeting with other parties on the issue, he decided to form KISS NB.

"Unfortunately not one of the parties have any plan to deal with the debt and they just seem to think that they are not going to go bankrupt, or it never will happen. That is what Detroit City thought and Greece thought and it happened to both, " says Bourque.

"If you are going for a job you do an interview you don't do a nomination that's one big change", Bourque adds "I want the people to vote their conscience first, vote for the constituents and then vote for the party" and Bourque states no one will be punished for voting against the party.

Bourque says his candidates are actually vetted in advance of seeking the nomination, he says you have an interview for a job, so why not do the same if you are running for office.

KISS NB has several candidates running in various parts of the province.