Former Detective Consults On Fredericton Murder Case For National TV Show

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:22 AM

In June of 1995 an eight-year-old Fredericton girl, Jackie Clark was abducted, raped and murdered and the case shook the New Brunswick capital city to its core.

It also had a major impact on the first responders, searchers and even the reporters that covered the story.

Now retired Fredericton Police detective Mike Richard is one of those and he was recently approached by the producers of a CBC show called "The Detectives" to tell the Jackie Clark story.

Richard says he agreed because Jackie's story needs to be told and he says it wasn't easy to do.

"They're not used to doing episodes that are, well first of all child victims and sad stories, and they found this one particularly sad to do. They said that the actors and the crew were often crying during the shooting of it and after I saw it I can see why, " stated Richard.

The CBC show the Detectives or Real Detectives as it's known on Netflix will air this fall.

Richard says something very positive came out of this and we will provide all of the details about that on Friday.