Local MLA Determined To Finish Fundraiser In Name Of Kids Cancer

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 13:31 PM

Cycling over 170 kilometres each day isn't easy, but a local MLA who is currently making his way back to New Brunswick says thinking of his son Sean has helped a lot to keep him going.

Moncton Centre MLA Chris Collins left Winnipeg on September 13th with a team of others who are also riding in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride.  They're doing it to raise money for research for kids cancer.

He says it has been a hard ride so far.  The first day riding,  he came down hard on his ribs after road conditions caused his wheel to skid out,  and then the next day, they had monsoon like rain conditions.

But he says in comparison with what these kids with cancer are dealing with, what he is going through is nothing, "These kids, they don't quit their battle, they're always fighting.  Our worst day on the bicycle is a lot better than the best day getting chemotherapy."

Collins son Sean lost his battle to cancer nine years ago, but he keeps him in his thoughts, and that's why this cause is so close to his heart.

He says no matter how hard it is, "I'm not going to quit.  I've got his necklace on me, and I'm not going to quit."

Collins has raised almost $14, 000 dollars to date.   His team will arrive in Moncton tomorrow night, before they head to Charlottetown and Halifax, where the ride will wrap up.