Tin Can Beach Getting Some Love

Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 16:33 PM
The name's not the most romantic, nor is the reputation among some people: but lots of South Enders enjoy walking their dogs or just hanging out on Tin Can Beach.
The "beach"--really more of a rocky coastal area-- is located past the Barrack Green Armories at the bottom of Sydney. Graeme Stewart Robertson with ACAP tells CHSJ News this summer and fall, they're going to be working to make the area more beautiful by planting some 400 trees within the single-block radius.
The trees planted in July will be large leafy red maples and yellow birch; in the fall, they'll be putting in smaller potted confiers like white pine and fir. They're also looking at taking out the rusty, dilapitated fencing that's stood in the area for years provided proper permissions are granted.